Custom Made Lighting Sets - easy to understand, easy to fit and use 


What is the HaloLED System?

HaloLED is a system of control, lights, power supplies and interfaces which is easy to understand and easy to assemble, often without any tools or electrical knowledge!  Every component is designed to clip together to the other parts of the system - even the LED Strip does not need any soldering. The basic premise behind HaloLED System is that different types of lighting can be controlled by a common control. This means that LED Strip can be used on the same setup as mains voltage lighting and within this, different types of products such as single colour or colour changing, can be linked together to provide custom zones or scenes.

You will need 4 items to make a complete system

1 - A Light source - LED Strip, Mains lamps or Linear lights

2 - An Interface - this takes the signals and converts them into a format compatible with your chosen lighting

3 - A Control - this can be a hand help remote, a wall switch or a smartphone App.

4 - A Power Supply

it's a lighting control system which not only provides standard on/off and dimming, but can operate across different types of lighting in an integrated manner to allow you to quickly and easily create multiple scenes or control multiple zones from a range of control units.


HaloLED can operate different types of lighting


  • Mix Different Types of Lighting
  • Conventional Hand Held Remotes
  • Wall Mounted Touch Panels
  • Simple Multi Scene Wall Switch


What makes the HaloLED system stand out?

Ease of setup and it's price. Even RGBW systems become simple and easy - everything just clips together - the only thing you will have to do is to pair the interface to the control and this takes seconds - just press the pairing button on the interface and then press the on/off key on the remote  and that's it! you want to add  more interfaces to create zonal effects then it's simple - just add extra interfaces and pair them to the control - easy. Because it operates via wireless, wiring is simplified making it quicker, cheaper and easier to install.